Main Street

Main Street is a song by Bob Seger. And boy, do I love this song. No, not just love. I find it the best. I feel nostalgic when I hear it. It is so pure, so deep, so… wow. It goes right into your system. The intro guitarsolo gives me goosebumps and butterflies and many times it is just the song that makes me feel so alive.

This song makes every Saturday night. I think everybody has a driving song for the road home. This is mine, the song that makes you reminisce about what just happened tonight. Whether the night was great or totally not. When you had the night of your life this is the song that makes you realize that you will remember this night for a long, long time to come. When the night was God awful, it’ll put both your feet to the ground and makes you think: ‘You know what? My life is beautiful and worth it. God, do I love it.’ That is what this song does and that is what makes it so good!

Main Street

Listen, I usually sing along with every song. Every. Usually not appreciated. But I do. Only with Main Street I never sing along. Because I always want to feel those beautiful feelings that come to the surface when hearing it. I drown myself in it. I want to loose myself in this song and not feeling any different again. This song feels like home. A set of arms closing you in for a hug. A lover who is only concerned with how you feel, what your dreams are, who is there unconditionally for you. A song that never grows old, because it will work its magic on you every – Goddamn – single – time.

On the surface, the song only seems to be about Bob Seger being a bit nostalgic. But it is more than that, you know? It is about life and all that is good about it. About good memories and how they make you feel. They boost your mood and give you hope and trust for the future. Because you know you had good times before and damn it, they will be there again.

God, it is magnificent. Sometimes songs are just songs, but sometimes they are little pieces of magic that will put you back on track and be there when you need to be saved. Is there anything better than that?



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