Folks, this week… I tell you.

What exactly happened this week, I do not know. Although I took the liberty to enjoy it freely, I end this week feeling a bit confused. How has it been possible to talk about music all week with lots of people, without me starting up the conversation?

As you may understand: I sometimes can’t resist the urge to talk about music. However, I don’t want to be one of those people who talk about their kids all the time. But than with music. That is what I aim for. There are days where I come home and get close with my record player, read a book about a band, sit in front of my computer going through Youtube finding great tunes. Without having said a word about the holy subject to a single person. When I am lucky, somebody asks me something about a song, lyrics or my opinion. It is an unforgetable day when I end up in a discussion about music, somebody asks me to go to a concert or a real conversation gets started up.

The weird thing is… all this happened in one week. One week! I have been close with my record player – listening Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band ALL WEEK. My colleague asked my opinion about headphones. Strangly enough I never convinced him to do anything in the past, but this week I did and he did purchase his headphones – and we talked about it some more. Later that day I find myself in a conversation with an other colleague about speakers and sound systems. I ask him, since he repairs like… everything, to have a look at my Crosley record player, which has had a defect for months – don’t worry, it is an extra I bought for my bedroom. When I bring it in the next day, people are very intrigued by this cute – looking device build in a suitcase. My superior and co-workers have a closer look at it and some of them ask me if listening to vinyl is a hobby of mine. What the hell is going on, I think at this point. But I don’t say it out loud, I happen to enjoy this. I only say ‘yes’.

Billy Joel

When my colleague returns the record player, he tells me he has been listening to his old vinyl records after fixing it. I get ecstatic. I love it when people re-appreciate their old vinyl records! The colleague has a visitor sitting in front of him, who is reminiscing out loud about the days he used to listen to vinyl. When he tells us that he has all of his music on his computer nowadays, I pretend to be deaf. It doesn’t ruin the mood I am in though. How could he, it ain’t that easy, you know.

Bob Seger

We end this week with a visit to my brother-in-law. I have the coolest brother-in-law, no kidding. I realise that afternoon that we don’t visit him enough, especially when he pulls out the best picture book of Queen I have ever seen in my life. I mean, there were real concert tickets and copies of written lyrics from Queen in it and all that!

I gained two re-discoveries too. How about that. Just at the end of this awesome week. I finally stole the CD of Billy Joel out of my man’s car. He will not miss it. I can now enjoy ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ without annoying him. My man says I don’t, isn’t he sweet? But I know I can. I have a weak spot for Billy, sorry. I mean: don’t you feel what I feel when he says with so much rawness: ‘Chubby Checker, “Psycho”, Belgians in the Congo!’? If you get this, you know the reason of my ‘must steal’. I promise I give it back to my man. In the end: I gave it to him as a present.

God, Billy is cool. He was the icing on this week’s surprisingly good tasting week.

I still haven’t find the reason why this week occured, but hey: I enjoyed it. Didn’t wanted to spoil it. Did all that and it turned out great. There is only one way to close off this week. Old Time Rock And Roll from Bob Seger. The song I have been listening all week. Rock it, Bob.

Just take those old records off the shelf
I’ll sit and listen to ’em by myself
Today’s music ain’t got the same soul
I like that old time rock and roll

Don’t try to take me to a Disco
You’ll never even get me out on the floor
In 10 minutes I’ll be late for the door
I like that old time rock and roll

Still like that old time rock and roll
The kinda music just soothes the soul
I reminisce about the days of old
With that old time rock and roll

Won’t go to hear ’em play a Tango
I’d rather hear some blues or funky old soul
There’s only one sure way to get me to go
Start playin’ old time rock and roll

Call me a relic call me what’cha will
Say I’m old fashioned say I’m over the hill
Today’s music ain’t got the same soul
I like that old time rock and roll

Cheers to you!
Enjoy your night.
The Classic Rock Blogger


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